Swim Walk into the New Year!

Swim Walk into the New Year!

The conditions were slightly overcast with intermittent sunshine and to our delight the rain stayed away.

There was a consistent breeze but we were mostly sheltered which made for a very pleasant day. 

With the dogs hitched up and everyone donning their bags we set off from Daymer Bay car park in the direction of Polzeath.

With lots of chatter and excitement in the air we headed towards Greenaway Beach…our first swim of the day! 

It was quite a busy day, lots of people  were out enjoying some fresh air and working off those mince pies and a gorge of chocolate that had been washed down with a healthy serving of alcohol… Oh wait, no….that was just me!

Maybe this will be the start to the New Years Resolution… plenty of exercise, no sugar and making healthy food choices … that will last all of a week lol

Heading down to Greenaway Beach!
Off to battle the waves at Greenaway Beach!

As we clambered down the steps to Greenaway beach it became apparent that the tide had retreated a little further than desired. 
Some saved their first swim for our next stop whilst others made their way toward the slightly choppy shore line.  

Instead of gracefully walking into the sea over small shale and pebbles we ended up clambering over rocks plunging ourselves into the chilli water as majestically as we could muster. 

Once in the water it was beautiful, we chatted, we swam and looked around at the stunning seascape. Then… a shrill permeated through the air from Natalee’s direction…’Sian your Dewi (dog) is trying to hump my Betty (dog)’.

Eve being the swift intrepid reporter swooped around with her camera and managed to catch Dewi and Betty in action standing unashamedly on the rocks for all to see!

As Jody ran over to put an end to their ‘Behaviour’ they thought better of it and scarpered back onto the beach… Phew! Fortunately Dewis inexperience was a blessing lol

After all that shocking behaviour we finally clambered out of the sea in a very undignified manner and made our way up the beach to get warm. Next stop Baby Bay. 

The waves were fantastic at baby Bay and I was quite excited to get in whilst others didn’t quite share my  enthusiasm. 
Eve was first off the mark leading the way into the torrent of waves closely followed by the rest of the ‘willing’ gang. 

After a thorough beating by the waves & making sure we stayed well away from the surfers we all headed out to get dressed… again! It seems to be an occupational hazard this getting dressed malarkey. 

We refuelled, strategically perching our gourmet food on the rocks (well, a squashed sandwich & crisps that had managed to break into a thousand tiny pieces). Appetites satiated we were ready to rock and roll, so off we set across Polzeath beach. 

The walk back to Daymer Bay was calm and the lovely chatter continued as we all got to know each other a little better. 

A few of the die hard crew made a last swim of the day at Daymer. At low tide it makes an interesting swim. You need to walk a fair way to get to the water and once you arrive you have to keep on walking to get any kind of depth to swim whilst keeping away from the centre of the estuary.

Baby Bay, Polzeath, Cornwall!
Eve at Baby Bay being welcomed by her girls!
Billy determined to Spatchcock those suckers!
Daymer Bay, Cornwall

We ended our day on Daymer Beach with a fire pit and some scrummy BBQ food that was skilfully cooked by our very own chef, Billy. 
I could hear Billy’s cries for Jon to hurry up and arrive so he could be relieved of his duties as the food requests came rolling in! 

Things started to heat up when someone requested a ‘Spatchcock Sausage’…who’d have thought…a Spatchcock Sausage!!!! 

This put our Billy Bear into a state of shock…Sausages were flying off the grill in an attempt to spatchcock those little suckers! 

Seren did her best to encourage Billy, Suzie handed him a gauntlet, Pedro supplied one butter knife & with a lot of determination (and Geering from hungry onlookers) Billy executed the delivery of some spectacular Spatchcock sausages… yay! 

22 people 11 dogs and a whole bunch of fun to round off 2019.
3 Swims and 8.5k of Walking to wrap up the year!!!
I’ve been reliably informed by Seren that the walk equates to  23.027 steps on her Fitbit (it’s amazing how much motivation this Christmas present gadget has provided)

Thank you to everyone who made 2019 so memorable. 
To those who inspired me. 
To those who challenged me.
To those who take me as I am..warts and all! 
I am grateful to each and every one of you. 
Here’s to the next decade, new challenges, new adventures… it’s going to be a soul illuminating year ahead. 
Do what lifts your heart and do it with passion X

‘An Ode to Billy’ 🧜🏻 🌭

The day arrived when we walked by Billy’s side and he wanted to offer a hand.

We gave Billy a job which, quite frankly, made him sob so we offer a helping hand.

We suggested a butter knife which gave him strife and left him all of a tizz. 🤯

The sausages sizzled and the swimmers swam whilst Billy attempted to spatchcock our scran. 🌭

As much as he tried he almost cried as the sausages slipped from his hand.

Covered in sand it didn’t quite go as he planned as the dogs looked on in glee! 🐶

As Seren supported his futile attempts he got some on the plate. 🌭

To everyone’s delight he delivered quite a magnificent site to see.

Tummys all full with the spatchcock surprise. 

I don’t think Billy will do it again as he nearly met his demise 🤗

By Sharky Sian

North Cornwall:  Daymer Bay to Baby Bay and back. 
Water Temperature: 9.5c
Air Temperature: 10-11c
Conditions: Light Breeze with intermittent sunshine. 
Swim & Distance: Greenaway Beach, Baby Bay, Daymer BayNo idea of distance but it was fun lol.
Walk Distance: 8.5k

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