Lets Go For a Swim/Walk She Said…
Within the last few months I have met two amazing ladies, Natalee and Deborah. We have swum together, eaten cake together and put the world to rights together. It never ceases to amaze me that you can meet the most amazing people when you least expect it.
Fast forward a few months….Natalee said ‘Lets Go For a Swim/Walk…’ it’s only about 5 miles and a few swims in between!
Very taken by Natalee’s enthusiasm Deborah and I thought it was a good idea too, so we hatched a plan to go along with Sophie & Matt who had organised the walk.
The day arrived and we all met Matt and Sophie at Gorran Haven car park.
The sun was shining and there was a light breeze in the air.
We set off from the car park down the hill toward Gorran Haven Beach. After a few photographs we decided that we’d get a bit of walking under our belts and set off on the coastal path on our right hand side. Enthusiastic and excited about what lay ahead of us we were on our way.
The views were spectacular… the sun danced on the sea & glistened as the waves broke on the shore. This was going to be an amazing Swim/Walk!
Natalee led the way keeping a good pace whilst Debora & I puffed along trying to keep up with her…. It was suggested that it felt like boot camp as we trundled along behind our leader.
After a few miles we reached our first swim destination, Vault Beach….devoid of people…. looking so inviting.
We plonked our bags on the rocks & briefly admired the view before getting our kit off and plunging into the ocean.
I could feel the start of the winter coldness nipping on my skin as my body adjusted to its new environment.
The water was crisp and crystal clear….all thoughts vanished from my mind and all that was left was pure exhilaration and the joy of  that present moment!
We decided to make our way out and get warm for the next walk. The undertow was significant so in my wisdom I decided to hold on to the rocks as the water rushed past me…slight timing issue was about to ensue…..I let go of the rock ready for the wave to take me majestically to shore, at least that’s what I had in mind. What actually happened was, the wave came up behind me and forcibly threw me on to the beach like a stranded whale, much to the amusement of Natalee and Deborah…oh how we laughed!!! Nothing to see here!
After a quick dry and a few layers to warm up we moved on to the obligatory ‘food’. We must have burnt lots of calories..surely!
Delicious warm sausage rolls from Natalee, followed by a healthy chunk of Victoria sponge from Deborah & some compulsory jelly babies from me. We were nicely fuelled ready for the next leg of our journey and with that we were off.
As we trundled along we talked about anything and everything, each topic giving us a new perspective & a deeper understanding of each other and ourselves.
We met a lovely couple out for a walk with their dogs so we thought we’d enquire about our return journey to the car park as we were now mindful of the time and our children that needed collecting from school. The couple gave us some great directions, luckily they were the local campsite owners and were happy for us to cut through their land to get back quickly after our last swim. Timing is everything!!!
Time moved on quickly and we soon arrived at our next swim spot…..Hemmick Beach.
Now this beach was interesting…. mostly pebbles and the waves were dumping quite hard.
There were two ladies getting ready to go for a swim but undecided as to their braveness…..by the time the three of us shouted ‘just get in you’ll love it’ the five of us made our way through the waves shrilling as each one hit us. As we made our way past the waves everything was calm. The water was slightly warmer than the last swim but we had to keep it brief to make sure we got back for school pick up or will we. A slight battle against the undertow and we were out, swift dress and off we went.
The ‘quick retreat’ to the car was short lived as we VERY slowly made our way on the ‘short cut’ back to the car….a thigh burning, lung bursting hell of a hill to climb first.
We quickly realised that we were going to be quite late picking up our cherished children…oops!
A few phone calls later and a lot of laughter at our parenting style the children were catered for by way of afterschool club. By the way, none of them wanted to leave club so what were we worried about!
Therein lies lifes lessons….everything works out the way it is meant to be and with the 7 ‘P’s life is good (Prior Planning & Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor performance).
Water temperature: Vault Beach 12.8c Hemmick Beach 13.5c
Air temperature: 9.4c Light breeze intermittent sunshine.
Swim Distance: 600m & 250m
Walk Distance: 5.7 miles
Thank you for reading and feel free to share…
Pop over to Cornwall OWLS and join us on our next adventure!

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  1. Kelly

    Wonderful, keep up the swimming, your an inspiration xxx

    1. SharkySian

      Thank you Kelly, I hope from my writing it inspires others to positively challenge themselves and do what makes them feel happy x

  2. Karen Butfield

    Done that walk many a time and it is a lung breaker lol x

    1. SharkySian

      It sure is but definitely worth the effort X


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