A Birthday Bimble.

A Birthday Bimble!

A number of years ago I went for a dive at Ready Money Cove which I thoroughly enjoyed. So when one of the tribe suggested we do a Swim/Walk from the same place I was already keen.

We decided to set off on our expedition on Friday 29th November. It happened to be my birthday that day. If you ever needed an excuse for a cracking Swim/Walk…there we have it. 

The weather was slightly overcast with a light breeze in the air and an intermittent glimpse of the Sun to accompany us on our journey.

We all met at the
longstay carpark at the top of the road which led down to Ready Money Cove.
After approximately 40 minutes of walking we landed at Polridmouth Beach. The tribe were very knowledgeable about the area and its adopted name of ‘Rebecca’s cove’ & all things film related.
After a good yarn we got our kit off and headed for the sea.
This was a welcome plunge into the cold waters after we’d got a bit steamy on our tribal voyage.
The water was quite pleasant actually, at 11c with a gentle swell. A quick zip up and down and we were ready to get out, dressed and break open our scrummy plethora of food. 
As we all scrambled around to get changed it became apparent that there were three ladies standing in the distance cheering and clapping at our efforts.
I think it was more to do with our swimming in the cold water rather than our changing ability!

The ladies came over congratulating us on our craziness in the cold sea and offered us a lovely warm drink and some shortbread biscuits which one of the ladies had acquired from her daughter’s wedding that week. People are just so kind.

Having consumed the very welcome drinks & biscuits and taken a few pictures we headed off in the direction of Gribbin Head Daymark. 

 Since our previous swim/walk I have been contemplating purchasing some hiking poles but was unsure if they would be effective or just get in the way. After our last adventure my hips felt like they were going to explode out of their sockets.
SO…A very kind friend lent me some poles to trial on this walk and OMG, did they make a difference alright!!!
That hill as we made our way to Gribbin Head Daymark didn’t look too steep but boy did it go on and on and on! My thighs and calves were on fire but I managed to get to the top of the hill without being in pain which was amazing.

There was a lot of chatter and laughing between gasps of breath as we strutted up the hill…college, work, family, what we were going to be doing for Christmas, how unfit we are…. oh yes then Natalee pipes up “I do like a man to smell nice”

That opened up a whole host of ideas of what ‘smelling nice’ means. Smells like Mince Pies?, Smells manly? Smells of the sea? We could go on but let’s not digress.
The views across the sea at Gribbin Head were beautiful. After admiring the scenery for a while we decided to march on so we had enough time to get another swim in and not run out of time leaving our children destitute…again!!!
Soon we landed at Polkerris Beach which provided us with a lovely little hut to get changed in.
The swell at Polkerris was slightly larger and the water slightly warmer, nothing that these mermaids can’t handle. With a few shrills and laughter in the air we plunged into the sea.
For some strange reason we entered into a spot of synchronised swimming… in fits of laughter we busted our moves and flung our legs and arms up in the air in wild abandon. Maybe we could enter into the geriatric Olympic synchronised swimming team…do they have such a thing…if not maybe they should! Go Team Cornwall!
Must be time for more food and drink so off we trotted to get dressed. Nicky was mum and ordered some yummy warm chips and drinks from the cafe on the beach to keep us going.
To my surprise Nicky had made her very own delicious Lemon Drizzle cake and carried it secretively with candles throughout our walk and deployed it with the Tribe belting out a very eclectic rendition of Happy Birthday
What an Ace way to spend my birthday.
Feeling very full we reluctantly got up and started to make our way back to Reading Money Cove. We decided to follow the Saints Way Trail which provided us with quite a bit of laughter as we took a few wrong turns, did battle with the mud and met a very chivalrous young man who helped us circumnavigate a great big muddy watery ditch and a fence.
Needless to say we made it back in one piece. Lots of mud later and a few hills we were all ready to head home for a nice warm bath.
Before I go! For a short while we did lose Kath, she was like a whippet. There she was…then gone! When nature calls, a girls got to do what a girls got to do!
 “In the end, our relationships with other people are what give life meaning”

For the Love of… 

Water Temperature:
Polridmouth 11.4c Polkerris 12.1c
Air Temperature: 9c
Conditions: Light Breeze Cloudy with intermittent Sun.
Swim Distance: 220m & 285m
Walk Distance: 8.3 miles
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